Our privacy statement in plain English.

Social networks put communication on steroids. Combine that with social productivity tools and they help teams and communities accomplish bigger goals and make a difference in this world.

'OurSociaLife.com' does not directly sell your personal data 3rd parties. 'OurSociaLife.com' does not collect extensive personal information so your private information remains private.

'OurSociaLife.com' partners with advertising networks. The said companies would scan the webpage you are reading and appropriate ads based on what is in the page will be displayed.In fact 'OurSociaLife.com' does not encourage the posting of sensitive personal information like sexual preferences, religious affiliation and other detailed personal information other social networks gather and sell to companies.

OurSociaLife.com recommends that your clear your web browser cache evertime you use ANY social network to ensure erase al tracking cookies.